10 Things Only Members of the People’s Underground Movement Will Understand

Everybody has their own little quirks, but life for members of the People’s Resistance Movement is something completely unique. It’s almost as if we have our own language!

So, for your relating and commiserating pleasure, here are 10 things that only members of the Peoples’s Underground Movement will understand: 

1. Sleepy Cornish terriers feed at canvas midnight.

2. Ample time should be given to spider-eyed maidens.

3. Fresh vegetables can be found under the rug in the dirty basement.

You get it.

You get it.

4. The pantry is bare in the wastelands of Capricornia.

5. Angelic sleep is only advisable to those unfrozen ones in debt to the three-headed dog.

6. Bondage is broken when one feeds their innermost tapeworm.

7. You KNOW not to get on any surface street during rush hour! Because, you’ll likely be captured and tortured.

8. The sugar cane outside Old Man Jenkins’ two-story cabin is not sweet until the break of dawnish midnight.

9. The spider cries from nine ducts. The dust is airborne.

10. Leather-bound monorails fear for ant-riddled feral bacon.



That’s it! If you have your own, add them in the comments below!

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